Junior Ambassador

To Asahikawa

n cooperation with the Sister Cities Committee in Asahikawa, the Bloomington-Normal/Asahikawa Sister Cities Committee has sponsored a home-stay junior high student exchange singe 1985.

Each year, a group of students is selected from the Bloomington-Normal area to travel to Asahikawa for approximately two weeks. The size of the group is typically limited to no more than 15. The trip usually takes place in June. On the trip the students stay with host families, tour cultural, historic, and recreational sites. This program offers students the opportunity to see another culture up close and personal. The group is chaperoned by two or three adults, usually including at least one member of the Sister Cities Committee.

Prior to departing, students and chaperones meet on a regular basis for training classes. Participants learn basic language skills, such as how to say simple phrases ("Hello, my name is...", How much does this cost?", "Can you tell me how to find...").

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From Asahikawa

Each year, around the end of March, we host junior high students from Japan for approximately one week. For some students, this will be their only chance to visit America. The students will stay with host families and get a glimpse at typical American life. During the weekdays, the committee arranges activities such as visiting local schools, WJBC, Artful Design, Beer Nuts, Bloomington and Normal City Hall, Upper Limits, a trip to Springfield, and a trip to Chicago. In the evenings and on weekends, the students spend time with their host family. We also host a welcome party and farewell party for all of our students and the host families just like the committee in Asahikawa does when our students visit.

There are 13 students and 2 chaperones coming in 2020, from March 26 to April 4.

Host family application is downloadable (click here) and send it to ken.ota@bnsistercities.org.